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Riverstone Worm Bin

Riverstone is not new to having worms in the classroom, last year I donated a third "worm apartment" so that there were places for students to dispose of food waste via vermiculture in all three schools. (Riverstone also has a large compost bin near the garden that the students can utilize). However, these worm apartments are not really of the appropriate scale to serve a campus populace and were actually more of an education and outreach approach to the ultimate goal- a commercial sized worm bi

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Senior Biology and a Riverstone Arboretum

In early November, Samantha Cole, one of the middle and high school science teachers at Riverstone, invited me to guest speak to her 12th grade Biology class. They are working on their evolution unit right now and are covering the concepts of binomial nomenclature, hierarchy of taxa, reclassification due to molecular discoveries, using and making a dichotomous key, and cladistics. I wanted to apply these concepts towards a fun field trip around campus and create a valuable resource at t

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Winter Garden and Some Unexpected Guests!

Riverstone has a pretty cool club of students that meets weekly at lunch- the Vegetarian Club. They bring in vegetarian potluck-style dishes and share a meal together. This year we invited the Vege Club to partake in the spoils of the summer garden and invited them to plant a winter garden so they can reap the benefits of the garden throughout the school year as well! Read More


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