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Dumpster Diving Matters

What we throw away is something we give far too little thought. The moment each of us decides to be done with an item it becomes trash- and from that moment on its gross and filthy and disgusting and therefore filed away as not important. Can you imagine the magical forcefield we have created in our minds? All we have to do is take a delicious taco or burrito or apple or peach, and let it drop from hand height into a bin, any bin and it suddenly transforms, nay transfigures into some

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Fall Day of Service

Why maintenance matters

 Maintenance is not a very alluring topic, it is not flashy and seductive, it implies menial repetitive or redundant tasks and it is one of the most interesting and powerful sustainability topics in our lives.


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Project GREEN Boise 2018 Inaugural Summit

This summer we partnered with the City of Boise and the Boise School District to host the first Sustainability Summit for teachers in Boise. We called it Project GREEN (Green Resources and Environmental-Sustainable Educator Network). It was attended by over 40 people and was a really great experience. We hosted a sustainability resources exposition for teachers and included all our local resources and organizations. A big THANK YOU to all of the partners and supporting organizations. Read More

Spring Day of Service 2018

One of the great Riverstone International School traditions is a student day-of-service.  Once a semester during parent-teacher conferences students give back to their community throughout the valley, including a group or two who stay on campus to give back to their own community. This spring we are proud to announce a new relationship, a partnership with the Treasure Valley Native Plant NetworkRead More

Snake Plant

Over the past year the RIS students have formed a Sustainability Club, and it's great to see even more students engaged! While Plant Club and Sustainability Club often have similar goals and sometimes even share projects, Sustainability Club is focused on a broader range of questions and issues than just the biotic. For me, Sustainability Club + Plant Club = RIS Green Team, an unbeatable combination! Read More


Our Vision: A sustainable future.




About Me

Hi, I'm Blake Schnebly and I believe in SustainingUS. I started this organization to create positive changes. I grew up in Hailey, ID and I have spent most of my life loving the outdoors and the outdoor classroom. I believe in experiential education, from-scratch cooking, local food, sustainable consumption, and the power of community.


There is amazing education and perspective that can be gained by real life experiences, the outdoor classroom is a powerful tool.


Enabling a triple bottom-line approach to ensure a high quality of life today and forever.


Facilitate student driven experiences, encouraging the creation of novel solutions to current resource based issues

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