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Green Apple Day of Service

"The Riverstone Pollinator Garden and Bioswale continues to garner more attention every time it gets expanded. As it becomes more visible, more and more people are celebrating the message and the opportunity for students to participate in the creation of dynamic outdoor learning spaces. (more…)

Energy Star

Riverstone is going even GREENER!

We’re excited to announce that Riverstone International School's elementary school building has earned EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification! This certifies that the elementary school building is achieving energy performance in the top 25 percent of similar buildings nationwide. Here’s to many more years of cutting energy waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and doing our part to protect the environment! Read More
Blueberries – for us and for nature

I believe that there are two types of plants in the world which are worth having in all of our schools: 1) native plants to create and reinforce a "sense of place" and 2) edible plants to ensure this connection "to place" is meaningful and delicious! Over the course of the spring we had the opportunity to make changes to the Riverstone landscape to make it more edible for the wildlife and significantly increase the possibility of harvesting some berries on campus! Read More


Our Vision: A sustainable future.





There is amazing education and perspective that can be gained by real life experiences, the outdoor classroom is a powerful tool.


Enabling a triple bottom-line approach to ensure a high quality of life today and forever.


Facilitate student driven experiences, encouraging the creation of novel solutions to current resource based issues

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