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Dumpster Diving Matters

What we throw away is something we give far too little thought. The moment each of us decides to be done with an item it becomes trash- and from that moment on its gross and filthy and disgusting and therefore filed away as not important. Can you imagine the magical forcefield we have created in our minds? All we have to do is take a delicious taco or burrito or apple or peach, and let it drop from hand height into a bin, any bin and it suddenly transforms, nay transfigures into something dirty and germ filled and gross, right? I mean, the custodian will come by under the cover of darkness and empty our bins and that magical cycle will continue where if you put items in the bin they will disappear. So the system is working fine, isn't it? NO, it's not and to explain why we even have some graphs!! Why Dumpster Diving Matters: We have a mentality in our society we are not connected, we are not aware, and even those of us who care and try and want to do we Continue Reading...

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Project GREEN Boise 2018 Inaugural Summit

This summer we partnered with the City of Boise and the Boise School District to host the first Sustainability Summit for teachers in Boise. We called it Project GREEN (Green Resources and Environmental-Sustainable Educator Network). It was attended by over 40 people and was a really great experience. We hosted a sustainability resources exposition for teachers and included all our local resources and organizations. A big THANK YOU to all of the partners and supporting organizations. (more…)

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Spring Day of Service 2018

One of the great Riverstone International School traditions is a student day-of-service.  Once a semester during parent-teacher conferences students give back to their community throughout the valley, including a group or two who stay on campus to give back to their own community. This spring we are proud to announce a new relationship, a partnership with the Treasure Valley Native Plant Network.  (more…)

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Sustainability Coordinator

Big things are happening at Riverstone International School A huge shout-out to Riverstone International School! This year they created a novel position for the school, a Sustainability Coordinator. Congratulations to Ben Brock for the transition to a new position! (more…)

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Blueberries – for us and for nature

I believe that there are two types of plants in the world which are worth having in all of our schools: 1) native plants to create and reinforce a "sense of place" and 2) edible plants to ensure this connection "to place" is meaningful and delicious! Over the course of the spring we had the opportunity to make changes to the Riverstone landscape to make it more edible for the wildlife and significantly increase the possibility of harvesting some berries on campus! (more…)

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Introducing the Riverstone Green Team!

Call them the Green Team or call them the Plant Club or maybe something else! Whatever they choose to call themselves I call them amazing! This group of students is choosing to take time out of their lunch to help make their campus environment a happier healthier place. (more…)

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Day of Service 2016

In the middle of March we hosted a day of service at Riverstone with many different goals in mind. (more…)

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Paper Planting Pots – Tutorial

I own two special jigs for making paper planting pots from repurposed newspaper. However, there are plenty of materials around the house that will allow you to make your own pots without buying anything! Here is a tutorial of the process I have learned works best for me to make paper pots for spring garden starts. I hope you find it as successful as I do! (more…)

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